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In her words:  The first time I visited Joshua Tree was back in 1999. It was love at first sight! I immediately felt a connection with the energy, the environment, and nature all around me. Over the years I frequently visited the area, until finally finding a place to live in Yucca Valley. During my first trip to Joshua Tree, someone said to me “There’s nothing to see in the desert”. Hearing those words triggered me & ever since then, I’ve been on a mission to show the world the beauty I see through my camera lens. My goal with my photography is to share my beautiful experiences with my viewers, hoping to inspire them to learn more about Joshua Tree, and look deeper into themselves while connecting to the world around them. Whether I’m photographing a sunrise, sunset, or night sky, I focus on capturing the always changing palette in our environment as a reminder of how vibrant our evolving world can be. A dream came true when Shops At Zanny’s invited me to be a permanent resident & I’m looking forward to sharing my creative spirit & colorful moments I’ve photographed over the years with everyone. If you’re in Joshua Tree, shop by 61877 Twentynine Palms Highway #2 Joshua Tree, CA. Bio: 

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