The following spells out the procedure for participating the night of the market to help you fully understand  and be prepared for a great event experience.


We want you to be successful in attracting buyers, potential collectors, and commissions. Drawing the right people to the event starts with marketing. We request that you promote your attendance at the event at least twice in the week leading up to the 2nd Saturday. Even if this isn’t your month to show, we would appreciate you supporting the Art Market and your fellow artists by promoting the event. If you use Instagram, please tag @JT2ndSatArtMkt and add comments to your posts that include the following hashtags: #JT2ndSatArtMkt #shopsatzannys #jtnp #shopjt #shopjtart #shopjoshuatree #joshuatree #jtreeculture #desertartists


We encourage you, if you can, to offer several pieces at varying price points. We want to the work to be inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible. We hope you’ll consider accessibility to ‘art for all’ in your creation and pricing. If less expensive pieces are difficult in your discipline, consider raffling off a piece of work. Folks give you their name and email in exchange for a chance to win a piece of your work and you receive additional folks on your mailing list – or the opportunity to start one.


Load in begins for everyone at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

To allow everyone ample time to set up, vehicles should only be parked inside the lot for as long as it takes you to unload. Once you have unloaded everything into your spot, please drive out of the lot, park your vehicle outside the lot, then come back to begin setting up. Anyone who drove separately to help you set up should not pull in the lot at all, unless they have items of yours to unload. One last thing, parking on El Reposo may have you parking in front of a neighbor’s home – please be respectful of the neighbors.



Currently there is limited electricity at the market, enough for adequate lighting of your booth.  It will not accommodate large power draws such as cooking needs.   The power should only be used for reasonable lighting (keeping in mind our night sky rules) or for your charging your phone or Point-of-Sale devices.

Generators are NOT permitted.


The wifi  on site is not meant for use by events. If you have a phone with data, we ask that you use that to run your point of sale system or any other internet needs. If you want to attempt to use the wifi on site, please ask a Shops at Zanny’s Producer to assist you.


There are three Burrtec trash cans on site: two maroon Burrtec trash cans for regular trash and one grey can for recyclable materials.  There are also several accessory trash cans on the property. All we ask is that you place all trash in the appropriate receptacles on the property. Please do not leave trash at your assigned site – we know who you are. We’re doing our best to keep costs down and adding a clean-up crew to ‘sweep’ the parking lot for trash after events is not in the budget. It could be and that cost would be passed on the artists.



Please do not start breaking down your set-up and booth until 9:30 p.m.

If the crowd is good and you’d like to stay set-up until 10 p.m., you are welcome to do so.

As with Load In, please breakdown your booth set-up in its entirety BEFORE pulling your vehicle into the parking lot to load it.

If some artists have decided not to break down until 10 p.m., please be cautious of eventgoers, pets and other booths. Slow, steady and respectful wins the day.


~ Have you packed out what you packed in? Unplugged any electric?

~ Is the area where your booth was free of trash? Even if it’s not yours?

~ Have you completed your Sales and Commission Report and turned it in?