You’ve reached the Artists information page.

Welcome to the Artists information page.   If you are a local artist, we invite you to apply.


 In our efforts to keep this an event that is well respected for its quality of artists presented,  we have chose to make it a commission only – invitation only, offering to local artists.


So, how does that work?   First you need to tell us a bit about your art and experience by filling out and submitting our Artists Application you will find on the menu for the Art Market.

This document will give you the opportunity to choose the months you would like to show while it also helps us to evaluate what other artists you might be best presented with.


Once you are invited to show at the market you will also be sent the Market Instructions and Logistics Information for the Event, spelling out the details of operation for the day of your scheduled participation.   This document is also available in the menu for you to review now.  It is created to help you be well informed and prepared for a successful showing of your work along with making sure all artists are working together to make it a smooth running and enjoyable experience.


 Marketing is encouraged and essential to success for everyone.  In the Instructions and Logistics Information are some guidelines you will be encouraged to follow.


 Also this page will offer tips on being prepared with the product that creates sales to a wide variety of customers.


You will also be required to submit a deposit of $50 to secure your placement in the upcoming event.  The deposit will be returned once you have participated and paid your 20% commission.


The day of your scheduled showing, you will need to print out the Sales Report which you will fill out at the close of the event and return to production staff.  Full payment will be required by 10 a.m. the day following the market.